Arkisto: Abrasive

Teknikum TITAN™ Valve hoses

Applications Teknikum TITAN™ Valve hoses are used in concentration plant, paper and cellulose mills as dosage and regulation valves. The hoses require a metal choke device when used as a valve. Available in different rubber materials and ceramic inner lining. Construction (by product code) LSR hoses: cover/tube NR LSS hoses: cover/tube NBR, oil resistant LSE hoses: […]

Teknikum TITAN™ Straight connecting hoses

Applications Teknikum TITAN™ Straight connecting hoses are used to absorb vibrations in the pipeline and as material handling hoses.   Construction (by product codes) For vacuum: LIR hoses: cover/tube NR LIS hoses: cover/tube NBR, oil-resistant LIE hoses: cover/tube EPDM, chemical-resistant Reinforcement: Textile and steel spiral For pressure: LHR hoses: cover/tube NR LHS hoses: cover/tube NBR, […]

Teknikum TITAN™ Flanged T-branch

Applications Teknikum TITAN™ Flanged T-branches are used to absorb vibrations in the pipeline and as material handling hoses. Construction (by product code) LTR: cover/tube NR LTS: cover/tube NBR, oil-resistant LTE: cover/tube EPDM, chemical-resistant Reinforcement: textile Available with ceramic inner lining. Benefits Safe and durable connection Easy to assemble

Teknikum TITAN™ Rubber compensators for pressure and vacuum

Applications Teknikum TITAN™ rubber compensators are used to eliminate slow and slight heat expansions in a pipeline.   Construction Cover and tube is made of wear-resistant natural rubber (NR), but oil-resistant NBR and chemical resistant EPDM rubber options are also available by request. Reinforcement: textile (pressure) and textile and steel spiral (vacuum) Supporting flanges and […]

Teknikum TITAN™ Balance rubber expansion joints

Applications Teknikum TITAN™ Balance rubber expansion joints are used to eliminate slow and slight thermal expansion in pipelines as well as attenuation of noise and vibrations. In pipeline, they can be also used as connection points for e.g. machinery and equipment to other structures. Construction As default, the rubber expansion joints are made of chemical […]

Teknikum CHARGE-TEK™

Applications Teknikum charging and blasting hoses are developed together with mining and quarrying professionals to meet high requirements of safety, functionality and usability, which are the primary requirements in blasting operations. These hose are utilized for feeding and dosing explosion emulsion into solid rock drillings. Hoses are resistant to all common blasting agents and substances […]

Teknikum ALER-TEK™ 2.0 wear indicator for Smart Hose system

Applications For enabling the monitoring of wear and tear of inner lining. The Smart Hose system gives a signal, when the hose needs to be changed. Measurement takes place automatically every 60 minutes. A measurement can be also carried out at any time by pressing the Test button. Optionally single or multilayer (1-3) measurement with […]

Teknikum TITAN™

Applications Robust and flexible material handling hose with smooth cover for very abrasive substances.  Teknikum TITAN™ hoses are used for hydraulic suction and delivery transportation of abrasive materials. The hose is suitable for heavy circumstances where hose must resist wear, movements and damp vibrations Versions Teknikum TITAN™ with Teknikum WearGrey NR™ inner lining Teknikum TITAN™ […]

Teknikum GRANIT® Steel

Applications Steel version makes a successful compromise between extremely high abrasion resistance and sharp impact resistance.  Suitable especially for transferring wood chips, sawdust, community waste, glass waste, electronic waste or dry soil materials. Best choice when material composition is not even and there’s a risk that hard and/or sharp objects, such as metal parts or […]

Teknikum GRANIT® CERAMIC Antistatic

Applications Extremely wear resistant and long-life version of Teknikum GRANIT® hose. The inner lining of the hose is made of Ceramic. The hose is well suitable for transportation of very abrasive materials, e.g. sludge, powdered lime, carbon, quartz sand and granulates in applications where frequent maintenance breaks and hose replacements are not desirable. The hoses […]