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Rubber, plastic, silicone and technical foam parts for masks, helmets and safety shoes.

Teknikum manufactures customer-specific personal protective equipment for demanding use. The projects are done in close cooperation with the customer’s product development team. Our services include material know-how, production method development, mold design, prototyping and manufacturing.

The products can be done in Finland or Hungary.

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Our special expertise with masks

In the facial parts


  • Non-allergenic rubber grades are used as materials
  • The face part is comfortable to wear, flexible and long lasting
  • The inside sealing surface is wide and flat to enable user comfort and compactness
  • Can be made in different colors
  • All facial parts are tailored to the customer requirement and to the intended use
  • In cooperation with the customer, Teknikum ensures that the product passes various quality tests
  • End-users e.g. army, diving, industrial and fire & rescue


In fastening systems


  • Functional fastening system allows for quick and easy wearing
  • A wide and thin strap provides a firm grip and does not press even in long use
  • Manufactured for various uses such as fire retardant masks and cold conditions
  • Materials: EPDM rubber, natural rubber and silicone
  • Available in several colors
  • The straps are made adjustable to ensure a perfect fit

In inner masks


  • The good fit of the inner mask guarantees a comfortable wearing experience even for long periods of time
  • Tight, non-sweaty and comfortable on the skin
  • Made of natural rubber, silicone or plastic
  • Tailored to the customer’s wishes and designed together with the face part
  • The inner mask comes with a spectacle holder
  • Materials are easy to keep clean and hygienic
  • Various accessories make the inner mask suitable for a wide range of applications

In the accessories


  • The accessories that can be attached to inner masks and facial parts diversify the use of protective equipment and enable special applications
  • Small parts are made of rubber, silicone and plastic
  • Product include e.g. drinking tube, mask-tailored breathing tube, sealing flaps and flap frames
  • Also speech boxes for built-in microphones

Special rubber grades

Teknikum® ANTI-GAS special rubbers

Gas-impermeable rubber grades:

  • Developed for military needs
  • Tested to be reliable with over 30 years of user experience
  • Meets standards and requirements
  • Made in Finland

Teknikum® HYGIENIC medical silicones

Hygienic silicone grades:

  • Developed for healthcare needs
  • Tested to be reliable with over 30 years of user experience
  • Meets standards and requirements
  • Made in Finland


A reliable partner for your project

Understanding customer requirements

We go through customer requirements and standards. Safety and comfort are the goals for material choices.

Our operating principle is always to understand the customer need and the customer’s process. The close cooperation between the customer and Teknikum is the basis of successful project – cooperation is made between sales, product development and material development.

The project may be about developing a ready-made product or the customer may have encountered a problem in their own processes that requires an individual solution. Together, we define the purpose of the product, the operating environment and the desired function.

Product development support

Method development creates the conditions for mass production. Once the customer’s need is known, we start the technical design of the product in cooperation with the customer.

The choice of material is influenced by many factors: is there a high or low temperature at the using site, is the product exposed to chemicals or is there wearing or other factors?

Often a ready-made rubber mixture can be found from our recipes, but sometimes the solution requires material development.

In our product development department, it is possible to do 3D modeling and evaluate the functionality of the product’s shape using FEM analysis. In addition to the choice of material and shape, also the need for supportive parts, such as polyurethane-coated metal structures, is mapped.

Mold design

In the development of mold products, we utilize 3D modeling. The model can be used to simulate material alternatives through FEM calculation and provide the customer with the most suitable solution. Our own tool manufacturing enables fast deliveries from the design table to the finished product.

Mold manufacturing takes place on CNC machines in our own mold manufacturing department.

The manufacturing techniques we use include e.g. rubber injection molding and layer compression, plastic injection molding and extrusion, tubing with a mandrel, polyurethane molding, reaction molding (RIM) and liquid silicone injection molding.


Testing and production

Once the prototype is tested and approved, production can start.

Mass production is carried out in a scalable manner in either Finland or Hungary according to the customer’s wishes. The assembly may include several steps up to the final packaging.

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