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Teknikum® CERAMIC hoses provide superior wear-resistance for material handling

– up to 3-10 times the life of a rubber hose or metal tube, depending on the material being transferred!

Flexible, easy to handle and long life solution!

Original Teknikum® innovation!

» Suitable for extremely wearing material

» Can replace metal pipe or rubber hose

» Flexible and easy to handle

» Straight hoses and bends with firm rubber-ceramic attachment

» Size up to Ø 1000 mm with PLUS flange connector system

» Teknikum products are manufactured with more than 30 years of experience

» Ceramic hoses know-how since 2009



Teknikum® hose products with CERAMIC lining

  • Teknikum® TITAN CERAMIC – material handling hose with smooth cover *NEW*
  • Teknikum® GRANIT CERAMIC – material handling hose with corrugated cover
  • Teknikum® BLAST-TEK D Longlife – multi-functional blasting hose for both dry and wet materials

» Fast delivery from factory warehouse!

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Teknikum® hose products with CERAMIC lining

» When designing a suitable material handling solution, customers can choose:

  • the hose structure
  • cover (smooth/ corrugated)
  • straight / bend according to need
  • rubber grade
  • hose diameter and length
  • connectors


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Why to select Teknikum hose?


++ Teknikum manufactures premium rubber hoses for material handling

++ Ceramic hose is original Teknikum innovation, providing 3-10 times longer life than rubber hose

++ Only Teknikum knows how to produce a high-quality ceramic lining on a curved surface

++ Ceramic hose line maintains its flexibility due to the innovative structure

++ Teknikum Ceramic hoses are available as stock product with corrugated cover (Teknikum GRANIT Ceramic) or smooth surface (Teknikum TITAN Ceramic)

++ Also custom hoses, bends and connection hoses are available with fast shipping directly from factory

++ Teknikum serves industrial plants and customers with +30 years of expertise

++ Hose couplings and flange solutions are part of Teknikum’s offering

Teknikum GREEN & SMART hoses for efficient material handling!

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