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Superior wear-resistance and operation aefficiency to material handling process – up to 3-10 times the life of a rubber hose or metal pipe!

The Teknikum® CERAMIC hoses are commonly used in demaning places, like cyclone pipe lines in mining concentrators and in boiler sand transfer pipe lines at power plants, due to the fact that they offer high abrasion resistance and impact absorption.

What makes difference with Teknikum’s hoses compared to others is the superior CERAMIC-RUBBER attachment design and manufacturing technology. The way our CERAMIC hoses are manufactured makes sure that our customers get benefits from both materials – the rubber hose is flexible and can be even cut on-site. The CERAMICS are firmly attached and provide proven performance. 

*NEW* Monitor & Manage your process with IoT

Original Teknikum® innovation

» Suitable for extremely wearing material

» Can replace metal pipe or rubber hose

» Flexible and easy to handle

» Straight hoses and bends with firm rubber-ceramic attachment

» Size up to Ø 1000 mm with PLUS flange connector system

» Teknikum products are manufactured with more than 30 years of experience

» Ceramic hoses know-how since 2009


Compatible with wireless IoT wear monitoring as a Smart hose

Teknikum® offers full abrasive hose and pipeline system


Teknikum® hose products with CERAMIC lining

  • Teknikum® TITAN CERAMIC – material handling hose with smooth cover *NEW*
  • Teknikum® GRANIT CERAMIC – material handling hose with corrugated cover
  • Teknikum® BLAST-TEK D Longlife – multi-functional blasting hose for both dry and wet materials

» Fast delivery from factory warehouse!

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Teknikum® hose products with CERAMIC lining

» When designing a suitable material handling solution, customers can choose:

  • the hose structure
  • cover (smooth/ corrugated)
  • straight / bend according to need
  • rubber grade
  • hose diameter and length
  • connectors


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Mining applications

  • Slurry hose
  • Cyclone pipe lines 


Pwer plant applications


  • Boiler sand transfer
  • Granulates, wood, pellets

Teknikum GREEN & SMART hoses for efficient material handling!

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