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Teknikum moulded products are manufactured by using new machinery and equipment in all size classes, as large production series or small runs – for both basic solutions and demanding special applications.

Our largest presses can reach clamping forces of thousands of tonnes, and our equipment enables mould dimensioning up to several metres. Standard indentation hardnesses range between 55-95 ShA.

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From mould design to raw material development, prototypes and mass production…

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Industries we serve

Mining industry

Mining industry

Chemical industry

Chemical industry

Energy production

Energy industry


Offshore industry

Offshore industry

Metal industry

Metal industry

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PPE industry

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Raw materials and production technologies


Mixed polymer materials composition

We are experienced in combining several polymers within one product.

The examples of this kind of complex products include e.g. gas masks for military, personal protection for firefighting and rescue professionals, as well as hygienic inner masks. Supplementary parts added to inner masks and facial parts add to the protection equipment’s features.

Rubber teknikum


Wear-, tear- and chemical-resistant rubber compounds and industrial products are Teknikum’s forte.

Our long experience as a mechanical engineering supplier give Teknikum an excellent opportunity to offer high-quality components, sub-assemblies, and complete solutions for equipment manufacturers.


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The properties of silicone – cleanness, non-allergenic, strength, clarity, and high tolerance to changing temperatures and wear – are highly regarded features in the demanding product applications used e.g. in healthcare and well-being products. The material releases no particles and it does not react with the human system.

Teknikum develops and manufactures demanding LSR liquid silicone products, some examples of which are parts for respirator masks, sheets for dental instrument panels, laboratory equipment, healthcare equipment applications, bellows, lead-throughs, accordion rubbers, and moulded rubber seals.

Teknikum palvelut pucast

Polyurethane – for extra wear-resistance

Products made of Teknikum Pucast® polyurethane are used all over the world, for instance in the processing and mining industries, mechanical wood processing equipment, and demanding special applications, where resistance to wear, load-bearing capacity or soundproofing is needed.

As material, Teknikum Pucast® polyurethane provides easy processability. The products can be made completely of polyurethane or equipped with metal frames.

Our manufacturing technique is suitable for both small and large production series, and we offer vast product development experience and technical support. We have modern, computer-aided design and simulation systems. Our products are designed in collaboration with our customers.

NYRIM® is a polyamide-based material that gives products a combination of the hardness, rigidity, and chemical and thermal resistance of polyamide and the elasticity and viscosity of rubber. NYRIM® introduces durability and lightness to solutions that utilise it, and fillers enable modifying the properties of the products. Reaction injection moulding (RIM) enables large product volumes and low moulding costs.

Teknikum offers specific manufacturing capabilities for NYRIM® based product manufacturing.



Using the ejecting press and extrusion techniques, our Plastic BU manufactures customer-specific special products and standard hoses and moulded products. The unit’s raw materials selection covers all the main grades of thermoplastic elastomers, basic plastics, and certain technical plastics such as POM, PA, and PA + fibreglass compounds.

Some of our products may be very small in size, but our equipment also enables making very large plastic products with up to 2,000 cubic centimetres in volume.

Sustainable materials

We can utilize recycled polymer raw-materials in the production, as the material specification is based on customer requirements.

With our own products, recycled rubber is used e.g. Teknikum® Heavy duty cable protector.

Our high degree of automation and the recyclability of materials guarantee an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process.

Foam teknikum

Technical foam products and profiles

  • R&D, prototypes
  • Interior foams, headliners, car seats, door cladding and armrests material for vehicles
  • Insulation, sealing and protective parts
  • Demanding profiles and padding for technical packaging
  • Hard foam slitting (EPDM, PE, EVA etc).
  • Pad printing on foam products
  • Laminating various self-adhesive tapes on foam
  • Kiss cutting technology
  • Adhesive tape slitting
  • Various types of foam converting and assemblies

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