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Teknikum’s high-quality industrial hoses, bends and connector systems provide advanced solutions for demanding abrasive environment.

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Made in Finland s

TEKNIKUM® high-quality hoses are Made in Finland.

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#1 in the Industry

The innovator of  CERAMIC lining for abrasive material hoses.

The innovator of  Smart Hose system for abrasive material hoses.

Smart Hose System

All you need

Our selection of material handling hoses is developed to meet the requirements for wear and load-bearing in mines and other processing facilities.

TEKNIKUM® multi-purpose industrial working hoses that can be utilised in transferring dry or wet, fine-grained and irregular, or sharp and hard objects and substances.

We manufacture hoses for blowing, suction, and pressure use as well as for slurry handling. In addition to high resistance to wear, the hoses are designed to withstand various demanding circumstances.

Sustainable, secure production and comprehensive services

TEKNIKUM® hoses are developed together with demanding customers operating in the Mining Industry.

We have over 30 years of expertise with wear- and chemical-resistant materials. Most of our rubber compounds are developed on our own laboratory and manufactured in-house in Finland.

We own our full manufacturing process and are able to provide timely deliveries with highest reliability.

Teknikum working hoses series

  • Teknikum BLAST-TEK™ Blasting hoses
  • Teknikum CARBON™ Suction and pressure hoses
  • Teknikum TITAN™ Abrasive hoses
  • Teknikum GRANIT® Abrasive hoses
  • Teknikum CHARGE-TEK™ Charging and blasting hoses

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