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Teknikum’s high-quality industrial hoses, bends and connector systems provide advanced solutions for demanding abrasive environment.

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Made in Finland s

TEKNIKUM® high-quality hoses are Made in Finland.

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#1 in the Industry

The innovator of  CERAMIC lining for material handling hoses.

All you need

Our selection of material handling hoses is developed to meet the requirements for wear and load-bearing in mines and other processing facilities.

TEKNIKUM® multi-purpose industrial material handling hoses that can be utilised in transferring dry or wet, fine-grained and irregular, or sharp and hard objects and substances.

We offer blowing, suction, and pressure hoses as well as slurry-handling hoses. In addition to high resistance to wear, the hoses are designed to withstand demanding circumstances.

Sustainable, secure production and comprehensive services

TEKNIKUM® hoses are developed together with demanding customers operating in the Mining Industry.

We have over 30 years of expertise with wear- and chemical-resistant materials. Most of our rubber compounds are developed on our own laboratory and manufactured in-house in Finland.

We own our full manufacturing process and are able to provide timely deliveries with highest reliability.

Teknikum material handling hoses series

  • Teknikum BLAST-TEK™ Blasting hoses
  • Teknikum CARBON™ Suction and pressure hoses
  • Teknikum TITAN™ Slurry hoses
  • Teknikum GRANIT® Extra durable slurry hoses
  • Teknikum CHARGE-TEK™ Charging and blasting hose

*New!* Industrial suction hose solution for tank trucks


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