Teknikum TITAN™



Robust and flexible material handling hose with smooth cover for very abrasive substances.  Teknikum TITAN™ hoses are used for hydraulic suction and delivery transportation of abrasive materials. The hose is suitable for heavy circumstances where hose must resist wear, movements and damp vibrations


  • Teknikum TITANwith Teknikum WearGrey NR inner lining
  • Teknikum TITAN ANTISTATIC with an antistatic black SBR inner lining

Product advantages

  • Safe and durable material handling hose
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and weather
  • Eliminates vibrations and noise
  • Low bending radius
  • ESD protection with Antistatic version
  • EPDM and NBR material options
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Hoses can be cut on-site
  • Complete with TITAN™ Select couplings
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