We want to promote an open, transparent operating culture. As a part of ensuring this we have introduced a channel for reporting suspected abuse.

The introduction of this channel is based on the so-called EU Whistleblower Directive (EU 2019/1937), which applies to companies with more than 250 people from December 17 2021, and to companies with more than 50 persons from December 17 2023.

The notification channel for suspected abuse, called “First Whistle”, is a safe system implemented by an external service provider that operates detached from our own systems. The report can be made electronically and anonymously. The whistleblowing channel provides our customers, employees and other stakeholders a confidential channel for bringing under internal investigation a suspicion of possible misconduct or breach of policy.

The Whistleblowing service used by Teknikum Group operates at https://www.firstwhistle.fi/teknikum and you can choose to use it in English, Finnish or Hungarian.


Make a report