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Teknikum® Wireless Smart Hose system

APPLICATIONS Teknikum® Wireless Smart Hose system is a next generation of Teknikum industrial hose wear monitoring applications, enabling off-site monitoring of wear and tear of inner lining of a Smart hose. The system gives the user a valuable warning of the condition of the hose’s lining by alerting that the lifecycle of the hose is […]

Teknikum TITAN™ CERAMIC Antistatic

Applications Extremely wear resistant and long-life version of Teknikum TITAN™ hose. The inner lining of the hose is made of ceramic. The hose is well suitable for transportation of very abrasive materials, e.g. sludge, powdered lime, carbon, quartz sand and granulates in applications where frequent maintenance breaks and hose replacements are not desirable. The hoses […]

Teknikum CARBON EXTRA LIGHT™ S Antistatic

Applications Extremely flexible suction working hose with corrugated cover. The hose is designed for industrial vacuum trucks and suitable for a wide range of industrial suction applications. The hose comes with a black NR tube providing electrical conductivity and increased safety against electrostatic discharge. Available also with spiral-free cuffs. Advantages Safe and durable hose. Extremely […]

Teknikum TITAN™ Select

Applications A  mechanical coupling for Teknikum TITAN™ hoses. Benefits When the coupling is mounted on the hose, it will enable smooth flow through the connection. Material The material of the coupling is strong and light weight aluminium. The dimensions of the flange correspond to DIN PN 10 and ANSI B 16.5 (150PSI). The couplings are […]

Teknikum GRANIT® Select

Applications Teknikum GRANIT® Select is a mechanical coupling for Teknikum GRANIT® hoses. Benefits When the coupling is mounted on the hose it will enable smooth flow through the connection. Material The material of the coupling is either D-RIM™ (antistatic reinforced polyamide that is impact resistant and withstands mechanical fatigue and wearing) or aluminium. The dimensions […]

Teknikum PLUS™ flange

Applications Teknikum PLUS™ flange system consists of a rubber bead and a flange tightened behind the bead. The flanges are used in hoses used especially in heavy chemical industry and in mining industry, but due its reliability and practicality it is suitable for a range of other applications as well. Benefits The most important advantage […]

Teknikum TITAN™ Flexible rubber joints for pressure

Applications Teknikum TITAN™ flexible rubber joints are used as a part of pipelines in light duty applications where slow and slight heat expansion elimination is needed, and joint can be attached with band clamps. Usual applications exist e.g. in process industry, machine building and civil engineering industry, where either air condition, air exhaust, wastewater or rainwater […]

Teknikum TITAN™ Large compensators

Applications Large compensators are used e.g. in power plants and other process industries as well as in civil engineering. As well as in small scale, these compensators are used to compensate heat expansion and movement, to absorb noise and vibration and to eliminate pipeline tension. All usual rubber materials are available to the material of […]

Teknikum TITAN™ 90° Flanged hose bends

Applications Teknikum TITAN™ hose bends are used to absorb vibrations in the pipeline and as material handling hoses. Available in different rubber materials. Construction (by product code) LGR hoses: tube and cover: NR, wear-resistant LGS hoses: tube and cover: NBR, oil resistant LGE hoses: cover/tube: EPDM, chemical resistant Reinforcement: Textile. Steel spiral from Ød 300 […]

Teknikum TITAN™ 45° Flanged hose bends

Applications Teknikum TITAN™ 45° Flanged hose bends are used for absorbing vibrations in the pipeline and for material handling. Available in different rubber materials and ceramic inner lining. Construction (by product code) LFR hoses: cover/tube: Teknikum WearGrey™ NR, wear resistant LFS hoses: cover/tube NBR, oil resistant LFE hoses: cover / tube EPDM, chemical resistant Reinforcement: textile […]