Teknikum ALER-TEK™ 2.0 wear indicator for Smart Hose system

Teknikum ALER TEK 2.0


For enabling the monitoring of wear and tear of inner lining. The Smart Hose system gives a signal, when the hose needs to be changed.

Measurement takes place automatically every 60 minutes. A measurement can be also carried out at any time by pressing the Test button. Optionally single or multilayer (1-3) measurement with several cables built into the hose structure.

The Smart Hose system includes Teknikum ALER-TEK™ 2.0 monitoring device and a customer specific Teknikum GRANIT® or TITAN™ hose built with monitoring cable.


Protection and using environment

Teknikum ALER-TEK™ 2.0 devide includes IP66 classification black aluminium case protected from moisture and dust. The cable feedthrough into the case has PG9 seal.

Ambient temperature: -40°C…+60°C (battery device)

Product advantages

  • Safety & risk management: hose breakage can be avoided.
  • Uninterrupted process flow: uncontrolled maintenance stops can be avoided.
  • Predict wearing: a new hose may be purchased just-in-time.
  • The ALER-TEK device is reusable
  • Proven system designed for demanding Mining Industry environment
  • Suitable for various industrial applications
  • Suitable for custom Teknikum GRANIT® or TITAN™ hoses (with rubber or CERAMIC lining) built with Smart Hose monitoring cable
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