Teknikum TITAN™ Balance rubber expansion joints

Teknikum TITAN rubber expansion joint


Teknikum TITAN™ Balance rubber expansion joints are used to eliminate slow and slight thermal expansion in pipelines as well as attenuation of noise and vibrations. In pipeline, they can be also used as connection points for e.g. machinery and equipment to other structures.


  • As default, the rubber expansion joints are made of chemical resistant EPDM rubber, but wear-resistant NR and oil resistant NBR are also available by request.
  • Reinforcement: textile

With rubber expansion joints the flange is included in the delivery. The material is hot galvanized steel and flange dimensions are complying DIN 2642 / EN 1092-1 / SFS 2170 PN10.


  • Effective solution for compensating unwanted effects in the pipeline
  • Durable and safe way of connection
  • Easy to install (delivered with flanges)
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