In most situations it is easy choose the right industrial hose because a use application or some other feature (e.g. transferred material) defines the hose and a standard guides to the right solution.

When no suitable hose is available in standard product range or the use application is special, several hose properties must be considered.

Please go through following check list. Our sales will help you to select the right, safe and durable hose solution:


  1. Transferred substance (note: to be sure, please send us the chemical’s safety data sheet for review and possible lab testing)
    1. state of the substance
    2. concentration
    3. temperature
  2. Working pressure and/or vacuum
  3. Dimensions
    1. inner diameter
    2. outer diameter
    3. length
  4. Physical properties
    1. weight
    2. bending radius
    3. bending force
  5. Electrical conductivity issues
  6. Other requirements from operation environment (e.g. dynamic stress from machines or outer wear and tear due pulling the hose along the ground)
  7. Hose couplings and clamps to be used
    1. type
    2. material
    3. in case of flanges, the connecting dimensions
  8. Legislation, regulations, standards or other official requirements
  9. Required hose or hose assembly testing and needed documentation (e.g. pressure proof test, burst pressure test, electrical conductivity, etc.)
  10. Packing and shipment requirements



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About storage conditions

When keeping rubber hose products in storage or for maintenance operations, we highly recommend to view standard EN ISO 8331: Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies – guidelines for selection, storage, use and maintenance.


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