Teknikum is a European polymer technology company 

The roots of Teknikum’s know-how go back to 1898 when company’s current operations formed a part of the Finnish Rubber Factory, later merging with the Nokia Group. The company has traded under the present name since 1989, the year when the majority of Nokia Group’s technical rubber business line was continued by Teknikum.


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Teknikum Group’s business units at your service:


Industrial hoses


Moulded products



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Teknikum Group includes four plants in Finland and one in Hungary and a sales company in Germany. Teknikum Group employs 530 people and has a turnover of 67 million EUR.

Teknikum® products and services include, i.a.:

  • industrial hoses and assemblies
  • polymer products and solutions for various industries
  • custom polymer products (rubber, plastic, polyurethane, liquid silicone and sustainable materials)
  • rubber & mill lining services
  • rubber compounds, sheets and mats

Our areas of know-how comprise product and service solutions for wear and corrosion protection, industrial hoses and hose assemblies for handling liquids and other materials, and customer-specifically tailored and manufactured polymer products.


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We are great at combining rubber and polymers with other materials, such as metal.

Our success is based on values, customer-orientation
and material expertise

Our own material development, product and technique design and well as automated production lines guarantee products and solutions that meet demanding customer requirements.

Teknikum’s competitive offering is based on great products, efficient production and high-quality customer service. With each customer project, we aim to arrive at a cost-effective, durable and functioning solution. We reach our goals through motivated and knowledgeable staff, innovative material solutions, and our solid experience in various industrial segments.

We serve various industries internationally, such as industrial plants and OEMs.

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Made in Finland s

TEKNIKUM® rubber compounds, industrial hoses and moulded products are Made in Finland.