Our connecting hoses are manufactured and delivered by order

The flange-equipped connecting hoses are used for preventing and absorbing vibration, tremors, and sound, as well as for compensating for thermal expansion and making installation easier.

Our connecting hose selection includes different valve hoses, taper connection hoses, curved flange hoses and delivery coupling hoses, and large-scale compensators. Customer-specifically designed flexible connectors are used as part of pipelines in, for example, the processing and mechanical engineering industries.

The most common rubber material options for connecting hoses are NR, NBR and EPDM.



Fast delivery

We can deliver connecting hoses according to customer needs at a short notice. Our connecting, made-to-pattern hoses are designed by us and they have a proven track record in various industries.

The hoses are delivered using a suitable pallet or wooden crates, depending on size and delivery method.

3D model library for planning

For routing and pipeline planning, customers can use our 3D library with 3D models of varying hose assemblies.

Our connecting hose unit has a wide variety of tools at their disposal, which enables manufacturing order-specific products according to the customer’s wishes and for many different purposes.

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3D models (.zip)

  • Connecting hoses (includes .stp files of Connecting hoses)
  • LHR – Straight connecting hose for pressure
  • LIR – Straight connecting hose for vacuum
  • LSR – Valve hose
  • LKR – Conical reducer hose for pressure
  • LFR – 45 degree hose for pressure
  • LGR – 90 degree small radius hose for pressure
  • LER – 90 degree large radius hose for pressure
  • LTR – T-branch hose for pressure
  • LPR – Compensator hose for pressure
  • LUR – Compensator hose for vacuum
  • LCM – Large compensator for pressure and vacuum
  • LAIPNS – Steel support flanges for Teknikum connecting hoses

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TEKNIKUM® high-quality connecting hoses are Made in Finland.