Vibration absorbers and isolators for industrial needs

Our product variety includes vibration isolators made from rubber, steel and technical foam, such as rubber sheets, cylinder isolators and dampers, installation feets and vibration isolator rails. We make customized polymer products according to customer requirements.

Additionally, we provide rubber qualities that can be used in construction to coat structural steels, stainless steels, acid-resistant and duplex steels, aluminium, brass, and in some cases also concrete.

We offer comprehensive contract manufacturing services for OEM’s.

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Isolation plate teknikum

Vibration damping sheets and plates

Vibration damping sheets and plates are practical to use in applications where a fixed installation is not possible or it is a case of, e.g., severing the acoustic bridge.

Sheets and plates can be used under machines and devices and in the intermediate constructions in buildings. Some sheets offer the possibility to use several sheets on top of each other. This allows for a change of the natural frequencies with maximum loads.

Vibration damping sheets and plates vary in their form and hardness, and their maximum loads and natural frequencies have been presented in the datasheets.

Cylinder isolators teknikum

Cylinder isolators

Cylinder isolators are intended for applications where it is possible to perform a fixed installation.

There are different types of cylinder isolators available. They differ in their method of fastening. They are available, both with internal and external threading.

The rubber quality is a black natural rubber with a hardness of 50+5 ShA. If required, we will provide additional information on dimensioning.

Dampers teknikum


Dampers resemble cylinder isolators, but fastening is only implemented on one side. This will allow for a fixed installation on the other side.

The rubber quality is a black natural rubber with a hardness of 50+5 ShA.

Isolation rails teknikum

Vibration isolation rails

Vibration isolation rails are for applications where it is possible to perform a fixed installation.

Different rail types differ in their dimensioning and rubber quality. Maximum loads and natural frequencies are presented in the datasheet.

Installation feet

Installation feet

Installation feet are an easy way to provide vibration dampening in applications where a fixed installation is not needed or where it is difficult to implement.

When selecting installation feet, in addition to providing the correct geometry, it is important to consider the maximum load level and the observed frequencies.

Our installation feet possess different hardness levels, and their maximum loads and natural frequency factors have been presented in the datasheet.

Foam parts

Technical foam parts

We convert technical foam to various shapes and sizes according to customer requirements. Foam is great material for shock absorbing, noise dampening, sealing and vibration absorbing. Our certified, modern and automated foam converting facilities are located in Hungary.

Read more about Teknikum’s technical foam converting services here.

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When choosing a vibration isolator, it is important to determine the amount of isolation required.

The actual vibration isolation is achieved by dimensioning the isolators so as to end up with so-called supercritical isolation, i.e. then moving above the resonance range in terms of loads and frequencies. A characteristic curve is defined for each vibration isolation product, which shows the load capacity and frequencies of the isolator.

Vibration isolation can also be used to break the sound bridge or prevent resonance.

In order to be able to choose the most suitable vibration isolator, it is necessary to know not only the attachment but also the loads on the isolator and the frequencies encountered. Based on these, an undesired resonant range can be avoided and the type of isolation can be determined.

We will provide more information on the sizing and selection of vibration isolators upon request and our experts will help you find the right solution to your vibration damping challenge!

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