Arkisto: Teknikum® industrial hoses and couplings

Teknikum LKM™ Thermoplastic

Applications Designed for transporting oil and oil mixed water. Suitable e.g. as a water hose in windscreen washing system. Material is thermoplastic, which withstands multiple heating and cooling cycles.   Advantages Suitable for oil contact Safe and durable hose Thermoplastic properties

Teknikum CARBON EXTRA LIGHT™ S Antistatic

Applications Corrugated cover and extremely flexible suction working hose. The hose is designed for industrial vacuum cleaning trucks and suitable for a wide range of industrial suction applications. The hose comes with a black NR tube providing electrical conductivity and increased safety against ESD. Available also with spiral-free cuffs. Advantages Safe and durable hose. Extremely […]

Teknikum Select™ gaskets and seals

Applications Teknikum Select™ flange couplings can be equipped with three alternative gaskets:   Polypropylene gasket is light color plastic gasket which is highly resistant to most of chemicals. It is recommended to applications in which connections need to be highly resistant to pressure. Metal reinforced rubber gasket is well suitable e.g. to mining industry applications […]

Teknikum TITAN™ Select

Applications A  mechanical coupling for Teknikum TITAN™ hoses. Benefits When the coupling is mounted on the hose, it will enable smooth flow through the connection. Material The material of the coupling is strong and light weight aluminium. The dimensions of the flange correspond to DIN PN 10 and ANSI B 16.5 (150PSI). The couplings are […]

Teknikum GRANIT® Select

Applications Teknikum GRANIT® Select is a mechanical coupling for Teknikum GRANIT® hoses. Benefits When the coupling is mounted on the hose it will enable smooth flow through the connection. Material The material of the coupling is either D-RIM™ (antistatic reinforced polyamide that is impact resistant and withstands mechanical fatigue and wearing) or aluminium. The dimensions […]

Teknikum PLUS™ flange

Applications Teknikum PLUS™ flange system consists of a rubber bead and a flange tightened behind the bead. The flanges are used in hoses used especially in heavy chemical industry and in mining industry, but due its reliability and practicality it is suitable for a range of other applications as well. Benefits The most important advantage […]

Steam hose coupling

Applications A threaded coupling to be used especially with steam hoses (EN 14423 / DIN 2826). Material Thread DIN-ISO 228. Material of coupling and clamps AISI 316, sealing PTFE.

Safety clamp

Applications Hose clamps according to EN 14420-3 (DIN 2817) are used to tighten and clamp threaded couplings or quick couplings on hose. Benefits Corrugated inner surface, clamp collar and tightening from two sides ensure by two ways that the coupling stays in hose: by tightening the hose on the hose shank and by locking the […]

Flange coupling

Applications Flange couplings are widely used all around different industries, especially when connections between pipes and hoses are needed, or when permanent connections are needed. Advantages Advantages of this hose connection type are universal use as well as adaptation to comply with piping standards. Flange couplings complying EN 14420-4 are suitable to almost all fixed/permanent […]