Arkisto: Teknikum® industrial hoses and couplings

Teknikum RAIL-TEK™

Applications High quality flexible rubber hose for compressed air and specially designed used for air transfer in railway pneumatic braking systems. The RAIL-TEK hose is fire resistant, low toxicity, halogen free and meets very demanding standards. Standard/ Compliancy • EN15807:2011 (Railway applications, Pneumatic half couplings) • EN 45545-2:2020 HL2 for R22 and R23 (Railway applications, […]

Teknikum TITAN™ CERAMIC Antistatic

Applications Extremely wear resistant and long-life version of Teknikum TITAN™ hose. The inner lining of the hose is made of ceramic. The hose is well suitable for transportation of very abrasive materials, e.g. sludge, powdered lime, carbon, quartz sand and granulates in applications where frequent maintenance breaks and hose replacements are not desirable. The hoses […]

Teknikum STEAM-TEK™

Applications Suitable for industrial cleaning, sewer defrosting equipment and industrial heating machines. The hose is suitable for the conveyance of steam (steam pressure 6 bar +164°C) and hot water up to working pressure 2,0 MPa +120°C. At continuous temperature of more than +150°C the operating time of steam hoses becomes considerably shorter. Not for stationary […]