Teknikum STEAM-TEK™

Teknikum STEAM TEK


Suitable for industrial cleaning, sewer defrosting equipment and industrial heating machines.
The hose is suitable for the conveyance of steam (steam pressure 6 bar +164°C) and hot water up to working pressure 2,0 MPa +120°C. At continuous temperature of more than +150°C the operating time of steam hoses becomes considerably shorter.

Not for stationary installation.


Our recommendation for coupling and clamp combination is steam hose coupling and clamp according to EN 14423 / DIN 2826.
Before steam hose use check out carefully instructions for safe usage of industrial hoses, correct couplings and clamps, and how steam acts during operation in pipelines and hoses.


  • Safe and durable hose
  • Standard EN ISO 6134 compliant
  • Multipurpose hose
  • Great for hot water and steam
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