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Teknikum® Plastic plug

Applications Teknikum® Plastic plugs are made from durable PVC plastic. They are available in grey, white and black, depending on their size and shape. Plastic plugs can be used, for example, to prevent abrasion or for plugging holes. The models with the hole can be fastened by placing a screw through the plug. Benefits Durable […]

Drain-well sealing mat

Application The drain-well sealing mat is designed to cover rainwater outlets and drain wells. It prevents hazardous chemicals and oil from entering the drainage network. Drain-well sealing mats are manufactured from soft oil- and chemical resistant polyurethane which has also an excellent sealing effect against a surface. The mat is intended only for temporary use. […]

Heavy duty cable protector

Applications The product can be made wider with connecting multiple parts as one. The cable protector material includes recycled rubber raw material. Contact our sales for more information!   Benefits Safe and durable  

Rubber filler blade

Applications Durable filler blade with great grip for building purposes. Three sizes available.   Contact our sales for more information!