Working hose for almost every application – the Teknikum CARBON series is suitable for vacuum trucks and the MULTI-TEK series for chemicals

The largest industrial hose factory in the Nordic countries is located in Sastamala, Finland. Teknikum has been manufacturing industrial hoses for over 30 years and specializes in the needs of demanding industry. The development of rubber grades starts at the company’s own laboratory, and high-quality rubber grades are manufactured in Finland at the Kerava factory. For end users, Teknikum promises a very durable, environmentally friendly industrial hose for the transfer of various materials, suitable for either suction or delivery use.


New international growth due to innovations

Timo Kokkonen, Director of Teknikum Group’s Hose Business, looks happily at a new hose reel in the warehouse of the Sastamala hose factory.

“We have launched a new rubber grade for abrasive use. It includes 15% recycled rubber and 60% renewable rubber”, says Kokkonen. “As this new rubber quality is being put into production, we are able to offer a new, environmentally friendly option,” he continues.

Kokkonen knows that the need is real. In the construction and mining industry, customers have received the news of environmentally friendly products with great enthusiasm.

“The overall safety of the product includes the user’s experience and the product’s whole life cycle,” says Kokkonen. “By choosing a hose made in Finland, you can be sure that these aspects of the manufacturing are in order.”

Carbon Extra Light

The Teknikum CARBON™ work hose family is suitable for abrasive materials in suction and pressure use. The latest antistatic Teknikum CARBON Extra Light S hose is available with an outer diameter of 89 – 220 mm. The hose can be made to order with spiral-free cuffs to enable easy attachement. The hose is readily available from Teknikum dealers.

An expert in demanding fields

Teknikum specializes in abrasive hoses. The work hose series CARBON contains corrugated, flexible suction delivery hoses and light delivery hoses with a smooth surface. The newest addition to the product family is the antistatic Teknikum CARBON Extra Light S, which is specially designed work hose for vacuum trucks. The hose can be supplied with spriral-free cuffs enabling easy attachement.

Teknikum also serves the chemical and food industries. The versatile MULTI-TEK series is suitable for up to 98% of the most common industrial chemicals. Applications can be found e.g. from the process industry and facilities that require high hygiene. MULTI-TEK series hoses have a very durable EPDM outer surface and an inner surface protected by UPE plastic film. The hoses are suitable e.g. for industrial cleaning in the chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry.

Available from dealers in Europe

Teknikum hoses are available from experienced industrial retailers in Europe. In customer-specific projects, Teknikum also serves industrial plants and OEM’s directly. As a manufacturer, Teknikum is known from its  industry expertise and agility. In addition to hoses, Teknikum offers wide range of hose couplings.


Sales manager Jani Lampinen presents Teknikum GRANIT and TITAN series hose couplings.

Teknikum’s selection includes different and different-sized couplings not only for work hoses, but also for more robust material handling hoses.


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