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The development project of the bio-based Teknikum® respirator is progressing

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Teknikum takes part in the project for development and use of bio-based and antimicrobial materials in protective equipment (BIOPROT) led by LUT University, which received two-year funding from Business Finland in 2021. The purpose of the project is to develop new, sustainable and safe material solutions that can be used, for example, in the fight against infections. The research focuses especially on respirators, surgical mouth and nose protections and reusable protections intended for industrial use. The product development project for the Teknikum respirator, aiming to design and manufacture an ecological industrial solution, has moved into the prototype manufacturing phase.


Teknikum develops a new type of ecological half mask intended for industrial use

Ms. Minna Poikelispää, Chemist at Teknikum and head of the BIOPROT project, says that the work is progressing according to the original plan. The goal is to make the most ecological and compact protector that is comfortable to use. The possibility of adding antiviral properties, i.e. properties that destroy viruses or prevent their reproduction, is also investigated.

During the project, there’s close cooperation with the research organizations involved in BIOPROT, e.g., related to material testing, life cycle analysis and business model. Next, the project progresses to the prototype testing phase, where cooperation is carried out, with e.g., VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland.

“Collaboration with research organizations flexibly opens up opportunities for wider testing and analysis than usual. At the same time, Teknikum receives valuable information about the latest developments in the field, which contributes to the growth of the company’s competitiveness on the international market,” says Ms. Poikelispää.


The first preliminary photos published


Teknikum’s product development staff has extensive experience in material development and the production of protective masks. The know-how helps to define the desired properties from the user’s point of view, when a new type of product is under development. The primary requirement, along with the protective power, is comfort of use, which is emphasized with the personal protective equipment required in professional use. In addition to being ecological, high quality requirements have been set for the protector’s structure in terms of skin-friendliness, protection and durability.


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On the market in a few years

The goal is to have a new ground-breaking respirator on the market within a couple of years. The final launch schedule depends on the product testing results. However, based on experience and preliminary results, the development team can be confident that the new protector will meet the requirements set for it.

Teknikum is fully responsible for product development, from material development to manufacturing, which enables agile further development. During the product’s life cycle, development needs are assessed based on practical customer feedback, as the goal is to solve customers’ wide-ranging respirator needs in a sustainable way.

The project led by LUT University will continue until the summer of 2024, when the organizations that received funding will submit their final reports on the implementation of the development projects. However, the actual development cooperation will continue based on need until the commercial launch of the product.


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