Teknikum TITAN™ Flexible rubber joints for pressure

Teknikum TITAN rubber joints


Teknikum TITAN™ flexible rubber joints are used as a part of pipelines in light duty applications where slow and slight heat expansion elimination is needed, and joint can be attached with band clamps. Usual applications exist e.g. in process industry, machine building and civil engineering industry, where either air condition, air exhaust, wastewater or rainwater pipelines require flexible joints. In these applications flexible rubber joint may work as a sleeve, sealing or pipe protection.


One of the biggest advantage of these joints is the high customization level. A joint may be made of many alternative materials, with or without textile reinforcement, with smooth inner surface or with a slight bellow, and finally with slightly different inner diameter in different hose ends. Available also with ceramic inner lining.

Construction (by product code)

  • LJR: cover/tube NR, wear-resistant
  • LJS: cover/tube NBR, oil resistant
  • LJE: cover/tube EPDM, chemical resistant
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