Arkisto: Teknikum® polymer products

Teknikum® Bird guard

APPLICATION Teknikum® Bird guard is used to protect the pole-mount transformers high voltage connector from short circuits caused by birds and other forest animals. BENEFITS Made from durable, weather-resistant polypropylene (thermoplastic) Set of three (3) in a box, incl. cable ties Made in Finland

Teknikum® Ceramic wear plates

Applications Teknikum® Ceramic wear plate is made of material combination with unique advantages against impact and high abrasion wear of wet and dry materials. Suitable applications include material handling, feed and drain chutes, tunnels, feeders, and silos & several type of dry and wet material channels in the mining industry. Standard element sizes and custom […]

Custom products

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Teknikum® Plastic plug

Applications Teknikum® Plastic plugs are made from durable PVC plastic. They are available in grey, white and black, depending on their size and shape. Plastic plugs can be used, for example, to prevent abrasion or for plugging holes. The models with the hole can be fastened by placing a screw through the plug. Benefits Durable […]

FINNLINER® Cattle nipple rubber

Applications Teknikum FINNLINER® Cattle nipple rubber is a high-quality product for dairy farms. Advantages Safe and durable product Made in Finland

Teknikum® Friction beams

Applications Teknikum® Friction beams can be used, e.g., on a belt conveyor’s tension drum, between the conveyor belt and the drum itself. The friction beams are made from a wear-resistant rubber with a high friction coefficient, and they have an aluminium frame for providing rigidity. The friction beam’s surface pattern assists in attaining good friction […]