Arkisto: Polyurethane Mill Linings

Teknikum® Polyurethane Pulp Discharging System

Teknikum® Polyurethane Pulp Discharging System provide longer lifetime for grate discharge mill liners in a specific conditions. Wear resistant polyurethane and steel frame body creates combination, which is especially good in cases where pulp lifters must endure high pulp flow and abrasive wear from grinded mineral. All Teknikum® Polyurethane Pulp Discharging System liner components are […]

Teknikum® Polyurethane materials for Mill Lining

Teknikum’s highly durable polyurethane compounds are developed for extremely abrasive environment. Our strict quality control is based on ISO-9001 certified systems and EU regulations of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authori-sation and Restriction of Chemicals) and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Accordingly, the Teknikum® PU polyurethane mill lining materials do not contain any RoHS 2 controlled substances […]

Teknikum® Polyurethane Mill Man Door Liners

Teknikum® Mill Man Door Liners are designed according to mill and manhole dimensions. Fixing components and gasket creates secure and sealed connection to mill shell and inner wear components. Outside components frame plate and fixings are made from steel and painted according specifications. Inner wear components, lifter and wear plate with polyurethane and steel body, […]

Polyurethane Mill Linings

Teknikum® Polyurethane Mill Linings are made of highly wear resistant polyurethane compounds that were specially developed for various mining and grinding mill applications. The polyurethane mill linings are best suited for ball mill secondary stage grinding process. All polyurethane mill linings are mold casted and customized for customers’ mills and processes. The components are designed […]

Teknikum® Mill Liner Attachment Systems

Applications Teknikum® Mill Liner Attachment Systems are two types of solutions for clamp block or T-bolt based systems. Clamp block system is based on aluminum profile and clamp block. The attachment set includes clamp block, bolt, cellular plastic washer, rubber seal washer, steel cup washer and nut. The size and shape of the aluminum profile […]