Teknikum® Polyurethane Mill Man Door Liners

Teknikum Mill lining for manhole door pu

Teknikum® Mill Man Door Liners are designed according to mill and manhole dimensions. Fixing components and gasket creates secure and sealed connection to mill shell and inner wear components.

Outside components frame plate and fixings are made from steel and painted according specifications. Inner wear components, lifter and wear plate with polyurethane and steel body, creates a combination, which is especially good in circumstances where man door lining must stand against abrasion of the grinded minerals and media. All man door liners are moulded and tailor made for the customer mills and processes.

The polyurethane quality and thickness of wear plate and lifter will be chosen individually for each application. Polyurethane quality and thickness must be chosen according to grinding and process parameter and throughput needs.


• Excellent wear resistance
• Easy installation
• Light weight
• Secure and sealed connection to mill

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