Teknikum® Polyurethane Pulp Discharging System

Teknikum Discharge Pulp Lifter Systems pu


Teknikum® Polyurethane Pulp Discharging System provide longer lifetime for grate discharge mill liners in a specific conditions. Wear resistant polyurethane and steel frame body creates combination, which is especially good in cases where pulp lifters must endure high pulp flow and abrasive wear from grinded mineral.

All Teknikum® Polyurethane Pulp Discharging System liner components are designed, and tailor made for the customer mills and processes. The component’s polyurethane compound and its thickness will be chosen individually for every application. Polyurethane grade and parts’ shape can be chosen according to grinding and process parameters and throughput needs.


• Excellent wear resistance
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Easy installation
• Liners can be equipped with lifting points for easy installation and handling
• Light weight vs steel liners

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