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Teknikum RAIL SAFE MAT™ EPDM Black 70

Applications This black rubber is sold as a ready to use mat and as raw rubber compound. It is made from fire retarded sulfur cured EPDM based rubber. The mat meets the second hazard level demands for fire resistance of flooring materials in railway applications. The rubber compound used for this high-quality mat can be […]

Teknikum® Ribbed rubber mat

Applications Teknikum® Ribbed rubber mat is easy to clean along the direction of the grooves. It’s well suited for the protection of floor surfaces in buildings, e.g. in corridors and lifts. It is also suitable as protection in load compartments of utility vehicles, as a corridor mat in buses, and as protective mat and impact […]

Teknikum® Grooved rubber mat

Applications Teknikum® Grooved mat is extremely wear-resistant and suitable to use in cold spaces. The profile is great for e.g. corridor flooring, as a protective mat in lifts, aisle-floor cover in buses, protective surface in luggage compartments in utility vehicles and corridor-floor cover in ships. Teknikum® Grooved mats are manufactured from a mixture of natural […]

Teknikum® Dotted rubber mat

Applications Teknikum® Dotted rubber mat is used to protect floors from wear, e.g. in entrance corridors, cars, boats, public facilities and restaurant areas. Due to its elasticity, the mat feels flexible and comfortable underfoot and acts as a sound insulator. The Teknikum® Dotted rubber mat is manufactured from a mixture of natural rubber (NR) and […]