Teknikum® Grooved rubber mat

Teknikum Uurrematto Grooved rubber mat


Teknikum® Grooved mat is extremely wear-resistant and suitable to use in cold spaces. The profile is great for e.g. corridor flooring, as a protective mat in lifts, aisle-floor cover in buses, protective surface in luggage compartments in utility vehicles and corridor-floor cover in ships.

Teknikum® Grooved mats are manufactured from a mixture of natural rubber (NR) and styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). The mats are available in black and grey color.

The rubber compound is made by Teknikum and awarded by “Made in Finland” Key Flag symbol.



  • Extremely durable, wear-resistant surface
  • Great as aisle cover
  • Endures cold temperatures
  • Easy to clean
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