Arkisto: Water, compressed air and steam

Teknikum RAIL-TEK™

Applications High quality flexible rubber hose for compressed air and specially designed used for air transfer in railway pneumatic braking systems. The RAIL-TEK hose is fire resistant, low toxicity, halogen free and meets very demanding standards. Standard/ Compliancy • EN15807:2011 (Railway applications, Pneumatic half couplings) • EN 45545-2:2020 HL2 for R22 and R23 (Railway applications, […]

Teknikum STEAM-TEK™

Applications Suitable for industrial cleaning, sewer defrosting equipment and industrial heating machines. The hose is suitable for the conveyance of steam (steam pressure 6 bar +164°C) and hot water up to working pressure 2,0 MPa +120°C. At continuous temperature of more than +150°C the operating time of steam hoses becomes considerably shorter. Not for stationary […]

Steam hose coupling

Applications A threaded coupling to be used especially with steam hoses (EN 14423 / DIN 2826). Material Thread DIN-ISO 228. Material of coupling and clamps AISI 316, sealing PTFE.

Teknikum AGRI-TEK™ SD

Applications A general-purpose suction and delivery hose for water. The hose is suitable for wide range of industrial and agricultural applications such as industrial water, wastewater or use in tank trucks collecting sewage. Benefits Safe and durable hose Wear-resistant Flexible structure Antistatic Quick and easy installation Hoses can be cut on-site

Teknikum NORA™ Radiator 0,6 MPa

Applications High quality multipurpose water hose for many different applications and specially designed for cooling systems.   Benefits Safe and durable hose High flexible Excellent weather and ozone resistance Multipurpose

Teknikum RINSING™ nozzle

Applications Teknikum RINSING™ nozzle is a separately available rubber spray nozzle, similar to Teknikum RINSING™ hose’s fixed spray nozzle, with a cuff in the other end to make the attachment easy. Advantages Safe and durable hose For washing applications where targets are not easy to reach Extremely flexible and low bending radius due to special […]

Teknikum RINSING™

Applications Teknikum RINSING™ hose is a rinsing and washing hose, which is highly regarded among its users. It is extremely flexible and light in weight and the other hose end contains a  bendable spray nozzle. Teknikum RINSING™ hoses are suitable particularly into washing applications where targets are variable and uneasy to reach. This is possible […]

Teknikum PAVE™ Hot Yellow Air/Water 3,0 MPa

Applications High-quality compressed air and hot water hose for demanding use. This multipurpose hose is suitable for many different applications requiring high-pressure resistance, reliability, durability and long lifecycle. EPDM hose is also suitable for diluted chemicals.   Benefits Safe and durable hose High burst pressure Excellent visibility due to the yellow cover Excellent weather- and […]

Teknikum PAVE™ Cool Red Air/Water 1,5 MPa

Applications High-quality water and compressed air hose with high visibility. The red cover color enables safe working environment. This multipurpose hose is suitable for many different applications, such as industrial and municipal work e.g. ice rink watering, requiring high visibility, reliability, durability and long life cycle.   Benefits Safe and durable hose Excellent visibility due […]

Teknikum PAVE™ Air/Water 2,0 / 2,5 MPa

Applications High-quality high pressure compressed air and water hose for many different applications. The hose meets requirements of standard EN 1403:2005 class 3 and EN 2398:2010 3A / L-T when inner diameter is 6-25 mm.   Advantages Safe and durable hose Flexible and robust Excellent weather- and ozone-resistance High burst pressure ≥ 80 bar Standard […]