Arkisto: Couplings, clamps and flanges

Swaged ferrule clamp

Application Swaged ferrule is generally recommended clamp type with industrial hoses and couplings because by machine swaging/crimping the ferrule makes even pressure all around the hose. Additionally, the smooth cover of swaged ferrule is suitable to applications and work environments where high hygienic requirements are obeyed. Note: Swaged ferrule price includes hose cutting, swage ferrule […]

Hose clamp

Applications Hose clamps are multipurpose band clamps which are used e.g. in hydraulics, vehicles, machines and construction. Clamps operate with one screw (KERK1R-) or two screws (KERK2R-) and a wide range of steel materials is available. Band dimensions vary according to band material and clamp size. Two or three clamps are recommended for larger diameter […]

Dairy Coupling

Applications Hose nipple and union nut for dairy applications. The coupling is connected to a hose using SL-clamp or by crimping. The coupling is available according to either SMS 1145 or DN 11851 standards. Also available on request couplings with male thread and serrated hose shank. Advantages Safe and durable For high hygienic requirements