Swaged ferrule clamp



Swaged ferrule is generally recommended clamp type with industrial hoses and couplings because by machine swaging/crimping the ferrule makes even pressure all around the hose. Additionally, the smooth cover of swaged ferrule is suitable to applications
and work environments where high hygienic requirements are obeyed.

Note: Swaged ferrule price includes hose cutting, swage ferrule part and swaging operation.


The advantage of swaged ferrule clamping is its double attachment. The ferrule makes pressure on hose and on coupling shank, but in many cases also coupling collar becomes holded and locked by shoulder of the ferrule. Swaged ferrule assembly work is made by supplier so customer receives a hose assembly ready for operation.


Swaged ferrules are made of AISI 316 / EN 1.4401 stainless steel material.


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