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Teknikum Ltd awarded with the Made in Finland Key Flag Symbol

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the “Made in Finland” Key Flag Symbol to Teknikum Ltd’s industrial hoses and custom polymer products. The Key Flag Symbol demonstrates that a product has been manufactured in Finland. Teknikum Ltd, a member of Teknikum Group, has manufactured industrial hoses and custom polymer products in Finland for over 30 years. During the new decade, it is increasingly important to communicate that a product is produced by Nordic standards, high in quality and locally manufactured.

Press release free for release on 24 February 2020

Being awarded the Key Flag Symbol pleases Teknikum Group’s Business Development Director Cebastian Doepel.

“We are very happy and proud of this recognition, which will help us in our efforts to communicate that our products are designed and manufactured in Finland. Finnish expertise and quality are very important values for us. We want to thank our customers and to remind them that by choosing our products they are also making a good choice that supports sustainable development.”

The Key Flag Symbol helps customers choose the Finnish, Nordic alternative. The Key Flag Symbol can be awarded to products manufactured in Finland. The minimum domestic content of the break-even cost of the product must be a at least 50 percent. The calculation takes into account all production costs of the product or service.

Doepel comments on the operations of the business established in 1989:

“Teknikum Ltd is part of the Teknikum Group. We have three plants and around 350 employees in Finland. Our raw material mixtures are developed and produced in Kerava, and our end-products, such as industrial hoses and custom products, are manufactured in Sastamala in Pirkanmaa. We are a unique polymer company in Finland, since we do everything ourselves, starting from the material development. In addition to a production line, our Vammala plant has a dedicated product and method development unit that also provides services relating to tailored industrial polymer solutions for our customers.

The Key Flag Symbol is well-known. According to a study by the Association for Finnish Work, nearly all decision-makers in companies and consumers know what the Key Flag Symbol is. Most Finns (75%) also reported that the Key Flag Symbol has a positive effect on their purchase decisions.

Marketing manager Reetta Mentu from the Association for Finnish Work says that Finns see buying Finnish, local products as a means of social influence and as a responsible value-based choice that promotes Finland’s competitiveness and well-being.

“The Key Flag Symbol is associated with the positive mental images of a product or service being domestic, reliable, safe, responsible and that the product or service creates new jobs. The Key Flag Symbol helps companies to communicate their values to their customers and other stakeholders. 92 percent of the businesses using the Key Flag Symbol say that the symbol supports the sales of their products and services”, says Mentu.


Update: On April 21, 2020, the Key Flag symbol was also awarded to rubber compounds manufactured by Teknikum Compounds Ltd. Teknikum Compounds Ltd develops mixing recipes and manufactures customer-specific rubber compounds in Kerava Finland.


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Johanna Valkama, Marketing Manager, Teknikum Group

Reetta Mentu, Marketing Manager, the Association for Finnish Work, +358 50 5615 030,


Teknikum Group is a Finnish corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of different polymer products, and services relating to them. The group serves various industries internationally. Teknikum’s areas of expertise comprise product and service solutions for wear and corrosion protection, industrial hoses and hose assemblies for handling liquids and other materials, and customer-specifically tailored and manufactured polymer products. Teknikum’s roots go back to 1898 when the company’s current operations were a part of the Suomen Gummitehdas Osakeyhtiö rubber factory. Later, the company merged with the Nokia Group. The company has operated under its current name since 1989, when the majority of Nokia Group’s technical rubber business was transferred under Teknikum Group. Teknikum Group includes three plants in Finland, one plant in China and in Hungary, a sales company in Germany and sales representation in Russia. Teknikum Group employs approximately 700 people and has a turnover of approximately 70 million EUR.

The Key Flag Symbol is awarded to products and services produced in Finland. The symbol has been awarded to over 4.500 products, product groups or services.

The Association for Finnish Work is engaged in efforts to increase appreciation for Finnish labour and to ensure that Finnish work prospers and succeeds. The association administers logos and insignias that tell of Finnish work and impact purchase decisions and ensures that current jobs are safe and new jobs are created.