Arkisto: Oil-resistant

Teknikum® Rubber sheet NBR black 60, oil-resistant

Applications Teknikum® petrol- and oil-resistant rubber sheet is made from nitrile rubber (NBR). This rubber type is very resistant to oil, acids and alkali. These rubber sheets are easy to process and glue, and their wear-resistance is excellent. Hardness: 60±5 ShA. Density: 1,25. The properties of the rubber sheet enable use in conditions where the […]

Teknikum® Rubber sheet CR black 70, oil-resistant

Applications Teknikum® weather- and oil-splash resistant rubber sheet is manufactured from chloroprene rubber (CR). This rubber type exhibit excellent weather- and ozone-resistance properties, as well as reasonable heat- and oil-resistance. The sheets are also very resistant to wear, acids and alkaline substances. Hardness: 70±5 ShA. Density: 1,5. This rubber sheet is easy to process and […]