Teknikum® Rubber Mill Linings

Teknikum Rubber liners


Teknikum® Rubber mill Linings are manufactured from wear resistant rubber material. The rubber materials are specially developed for mining and grinding mill applications:

  • The Rubber Mill linings made from Teknikum TRL11 and TRL18 compounds are best suited for primary and secondary stage AG/SAG and ball mills stage grinding processes.
  • Rubber liners made from Teknikum TRL17 and TRL20 are best suited for secondary and tertiary stage grinding processes.
  • Teknikum TRL21 compounds is specially designed for dry grinding applications.

All Teknikum® Rubber mill linings are moulded and tailor made for the customer mills and processes.

The thickness of the rubber lining is selected in order to increase life of linings. Also, increasing of mill capacity can be taken account. The quality and thickness of rubber liner will be chosen for every purpose differently from Teknikum® mill lining rubbers and components. Rubber and shape mill lining must be chosen according to grinding and process parameter. The mill lining can include only rubber liners or be a combination of steel top and rubber liners to give the best performance value.


  • Thickness of rubber can be modified according to specific mill and process values
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Easy installation with dedicated fixing system
  • Light weight vs. full steel liner
  • Liner can be equipped with lifting points for easy installation and handling
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