Teknikum® Steel support flanges

Teknikum TITAN flanges


Steel support flanges are used to support the connection between rubber connecting hose flange and counter flange of the pipeline.


Steel support flanges are assembled on completed and finished hose after making the rubber flange drillings.
Note: Rubber flange drillings, as well as steel support flange assembly, are made free of charge in case that customer orders steel support flanges among connecting hose order.

  • Standard steel support flanges comply with connecting dimensions of DIN 2642 / EN 1092-1 / SFS 2170 table PN 10, and the material is zinc galvanized steel.
  • We are able to supply steel support flanges with different specifications as well (e.g. different material or surface treatment).
  • Instead of rubber flanges and steel support flanges, connecting hoses can be supplied with PLUS flange system.
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