Flange coupling



Flange couplings are widely used all around different industries, especially when connections between pipes and hoses are needed, or when permanent connections are needed.


Advantages of this hose connection type are universal use as well as adaptation to comply with piping standards. Flange couplings complying EN 14420-4 are suitable to almost all fixed/permanent or nearly permanent hose connections when high reliability and high resistant against damages is needed.

Dimensions are according to DIN 2642, EN 1092-1 or SFS 2170 pressure class PN 10. The material is acid resistant stainless steel AISI 316 (EN 1.4401). If necessary, flange couplings are available also made of other materials as well as with dimensions according to ANSI B16.5.

  • Flange coupling hose shank is either smooth or serrated/shaped.
  • Additionally flange couplings are available as fixed (one-piece) or swivel (rotating two-piece) flange.


Recommended clamps are according to hose outer diameter either swaged ferrule, EN 14420-3 safety clamps or hose clamp.

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