Two men standing with rubber dummy

Occupational safety training today and in the future

Teknikum invested in occupational safety training in 2018. Occupational safety rooms were completed at our plants in Vammala and Kiika, and a similar room is also under construction at the Kerava plant. In addition, we gained an occupational safety instructor: occupational safety representative Tero Suominen. Tero completed the national two-day occupational safety card instructor course arranged by the Centre for Occupational Safety in late autumn 2018, so he is now qualified to officially issue occupational safety certificates based on proof and also issue the Centre for Occupational Safety’s occupational safety card as proof of receiving training. Tero mainly provides training for Teknikum Group’s personnel. The aim is for all of Teknikum’s employees to always have valid occupational safety training.

An extensive occupational safety information package is available in the occupational safety rooms about occupational safety in companies belonging to the Teknikum Group, as well as occupational safety instructions for various departments in single plants and examples of safety equipment in use at the departments. The rooms also have examples of first aid and extinguishing equipment as well as the rescue plan for the premises. Tero uses these tools to present general and specific occupational safety information to new and long-term employees. The guidance also includes an introduction to the PRO24 programme, which is used to report all near misses, improvement proposals, accident notifications, safety observations, and fault reports for machines, equipment and premises, as well as to carry out work risk assessments.

The Centre for Occupational Safety’s branch committee for the Rubber Manufacturing and Tyre Industry is developing a module-based training model for occupational safety training and applicable material, led by Jukka Tuominen from training services. The content of the training modules would basically always follow the same pattern, though still cover a specific element featuring an occupational safety theme. The occupational safety card could be renewed in parts on different working days and during a specific period without the training become obsolete. The training material is designed to cover safety issues at the shared workplace and in particular also focus on the risks present in the rubber manufacturing industry and with chemicals, as well as field-specific risks required for machinery and processes, for example, and observing them.

Pekka Korpela
Safety Director of the Teknikum Group and
Member of the Centre for Occupational Safety’s branch committee for the Rubber Manufacturing and Tyre Industry