Teknikum streamlines corporate structure in Finland

Teknikum Compounds Ltd (ID 2187026-7) and Teknikum-Kiinteistöt Ltd (ID 0729439-8) will merge to Teknikum Ltd (ID 0764527-4) on January 1st, 2021. From here on, Teknikum will operate in Finland through two entities: Teknikum Group Ltd and Teknikum Ltd.

All contracts of merging companies are automatically transferred to Teknikum Ltd. The merger will not affect our ongoing deliveries.

Reason for the merger is to clarify our operations towards our customers, suppliers and other interest groups, as well as to streamline our internal processes for reduced administrative work.

Our target is to improve our customer service and provide clear contact points for improved cooperation between different partners and interest groups.


Should You have any questions about this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Juha-Matti Mäkelä, CFO, +358 40 741 3035, juha-matti.makela@teknikum.com
  • Anna Lehmus, Group Accounting Manager, +358 44 530 7654, anna.lehmus@teknikum.com


Best Regards,

Jani Hämäläinen
Group CEO
Teknikum Group Ltd


Please notice Teknikum Compounds Ltd and Teknikum-Kiinteistöt Ltd new information starting from January 1st, 2021:


Teknikum Ltd
VAT code FI07645274


Bank Information

Beneficiary’s name  
Teknikum Ltd

Beneficiary’s address  
Nokiankatu 1, 38210 Sastamala, FINLAND

Beneficiary’s account number / IBAN

BIC / SWIFT address

Name of the recipient’s bank
Danske Bank A/S, Finland Branch

Address of the recipient’s bank  
Hämeenkatu 9, 33100 Tampere, FINLAND

Recepient’s bank country  



Invoicing Address

Teknikum Ltd
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan


PDF invoices: 07645274@scan.netvisor.fi

Please send your payment requests directly to our finance team:

Teknikum Ltd
Nokiankatu 1
38210 Sastamala

Our delivery addresses stay the same.