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Teknikum production operative with precautions during COVID-19 pandemic

Finland, Sastamala, 8.4.2020

Dear Customer,

on behalf of Teknikum Group, we wish to ensure you that our company takes the current situation with COVID-19 pandemic most seriously. In order to maintain operative and keep the highest possible level of delivery reliability, we have taken several preparations during the past weeks.

Most of our officers are working remotely, business travelling is on hold and our production personnel have been given special hygiene instructions. External supplier traffic is limited and monitored. Our raw material supplier network has been also audited. The risk level for delays is currently low, as most of our rubber compounds come from Finland from our group’s own rubber mixing plant.

The hygiene precautions and travel restrictions are at place throughout Teknikum Group’s other operative units and production facilities.


Currently there are no confirmed cases of the virus in Teknikum Group staff.

In general, the situation in Finland, where Teknikum Group’s main production facilities are located, is considerably good. The government has taken efficient actions to limit the spreading of virus, such as closing schools, limiting public gatherings to maximum 10 people and closing the Helsinki metropolitan area from leisure traffic.


Teknikum Group’s management will follow closely the instructions and regulations by local health officials.

If you have any questions about the developments, please contact our customer service, business unit directors or Director, HSQE, Esko Mäntyharju

Finally, the whole Teknikum Group wishes its customers and partners fast recovery during these uncertain times and looks forward to serving you to the best of our ability.


Sincerely Yours,

Jani Hämäläinen
CEO, Teknikum Group


Teknikum Group is a Finnish corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of different polymer products, and services relating to them. The group serves various industries internationally. Teknikum’s areas of expertise comprise product and service solutions for wear and corrosion protection, industrial hoses and hose assemblies for handling liquids and other materials, and customer-specifically tailored and manufactured polymer products. Teknikum’s roots go back to 1898 when the company’s current operations were a part of the Suomen Gummitehdas Osakeyhtiö rubber factory. Later, the company merged with the Nokia Group. The company has operated under its current name since 1989, when the majority of Nokia Group’s technical rubber business was transferred under Teknikum Group. Teknikum Group includes three plants in Finland, one plant in China and in Hungary, a sales company in Germany and sales representation in Russia. Teknikum Group employs approximately 700 people and has a turnover of approximately 70 million EUR.