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Teknikum’s Docking Pad lasts and holds under the boat in all weathers

Finnish dock manufacturer Alutrack values ​​good quality – “The most important features of the product are friction and durability, as the dock is typically mounted on a sloping surface.”

Alutrack Ltd has been serving boaters for over ten years by developing and manufacturing aluminum boat docks. Originating from a practical invention and a need of boat enthusiasts, the business has grown in recent years. Today the company exports its products also to Sweden and Norway. Still, the weather conditions set the ultimate requirement for product quality.

“Our products are at the mercy of the weather year-round. It is important that the Alutrack dock can withstand both frost and UV radiation, and the idea is that it can be inherited from ‘father to son’. So every component of our solution has to meet the same requirement, including the Teknikum Docking Pad,” says Johan Grandell, CEO of Alutrack Ltd.


The rubber docking pads made by Teknikum are placed between the dock’s support structure and the boat


The purpose of the docking paw is to steer the boat to the right position when it arrives at the dock and also to support the docked boat. The most important features of the product are friction and durability, as the dock is typically mounted on a sloping surface.

“Water always poses the biggest challenge for shipyards. When lifted from a lake or sea, the boat slides against the rubber support surface. The docking paw provides enough resistance to prevent the boat from slipping out of the dock. On the other hand, there must be no traces on the surface of the boat”, Grandell continues.

“Environmental values ​​are also important to us. At the dock, the bottom of the boat is easy to clean and detergents do not dissolve in water.


Durable but recyclable solution


Although the Alutrack Dock, as well as the Teknikum Docking Pad™, are made to last, the material choices fully support the principles of sustainability. Aluminum can always be melted and redesigned, as well as the rubber docking pad.

Mira Juutilainen, Product Development Manager at Teknikum, tells about the recycling options:

“The Teknikum Docking Pad™ is made of vulcanized EPDM rubber. It can be disposed of, for example, by incineration at a waste treatment plant. The product can be recycled by crushing it into a rubber crumb, for example to be used as a raw material for asphalt mix.

Vulcanized rubber can also be regenerated or devulcanized in specialized plants, after which it can be reused as a raw material for the rubber industry.

The third possible recycling method is chemical recycling through pyrolysis, which breaks down the product into oil, gas and inorganic ash.”


Nordic quality from start to finish – for satisfied customers


“Why didn’t I get this before!”, is typical customer feedback according to Grandell.

With the Alutrack Dock, boaters are free of the traditional winter docking periods: if the boat is on shore and the lake happens to be still ice-free in January, it can be easily launched to water. The functionality of the Alutrack dock is made so simple, safe and easy that it makes the hobby even more fun.

The Teknikum Docking Pad™ also serves all year round: the elastic rubber surface is very resistant to frost and keeps its performance in all weather conditions. Due to the reliability, the boat surface remains intact and clean.

We are very pleased with the quality of the Teknikum Docking Pad™
– Johan Grandell, Alutrack Ltd


“It was initially important to us when choosing the component that the price-quality ratio was appropriate. From a technical point of view, the design of the docking paw and the rigidity of the material were also significant factors. Sturdy back pocket helps with attachment and the material has proven to be very durable. Although it is possible to replace the component with a spare part, the originals last from year to year. We are very pleased with the quality of the Teknikum Docking Pad™,” says Grandell about the product’s design and their sourcing decision.


Teknikum Docking Pad™ is fully manufactured in Finland at the Teknikum Group factories, the rubber mix in Kerava factory and the final mold product in Sastamala.

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