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Recycled foam combines the raw material’s best features for versatile purposes

Our wide material offering includes carefully selected recycled foam qualities. The sorted out, chopped up, minced down and reconstituted rebound foams do not only solve the industrial waste issue and promote circular economy, but enhance the foam’s material composition for various purposes.

The benefits of recycled foams are clear for many use cases – such as sound insulation in engine compartments of vessels and vehicles, compressors and aggregates. As the recycled foam is shredded into small particles and glued together by liquid polyurethane to make so called “Rebond” foam – an open-cell multi-colored polyurethane foam that is firm, supportive and flexible – it creates also great padding material for products like vehicle seats or gymnastics pads.

Sound insulation foam

  • High-quality foam for sound insulation and noise reduction
  • Impact & vibration isolation
  • Extremely firm, dense material
  • 100% recycled and recyclable
  • Multi-color
  • Applications: acoustic challenges in buildings and machines

Shock absorber foam

  • High-quality foam for shock absorbing
  • Provides sound insulation and noise reduction
  • Supportive, durable material
  • 100% recycled and recyclable
  • Multi-color
  • Applications: sports equipment (gymnastics, wrestling etc.), mats and padding, furniture products, seats

Fire Retardant foams

We are able to provide fire retardant materials according to EN and national standards. In this case the rebound foam is made out of sorted fire retardant materials.


Safe for building and insulation

The rebond foam gains its high density during pressing in manufacturing. The foam material is available as solid blocks or sheets of different thickness. The material can be also coated with folio to gain extra insulation.


Top benefits and features

  1. Environmentally friendly option
  2. Made from selected, sorted open-cell multi-colored polyurethane foams
  3. Available as fire retardant and with metal folio coating
  4. Combines great features of different foam types
  5. Dense, supportive material for various applications
  6. Especially good for sound and shock insulation purposes

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