Teknikum® Rubber sheet NR/SBR black 65, recycled

Teknikum Rubber sheet recycled logolla


Teknikum® rubber sheets designed for general purposes are made of recycled styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) or a mixture with natural rubber (NR). The adhesiveness, elastic properties as well as resistance to wear and low temperatures are good for these rubber grades. Hardness: 65±10 ShA.

The general-purpose rubber sheets are highly machinable and can be used for different kinds of seals. The sheets can be used to protect working faces, working surfaces, and even whole stations and benefit from their insulating and dampening properties. These general-purpose rubber sheets also come with nylon-reinforced option, which provides excellent tensile properties.

The original rubber compounds are made by Teknikum and awarded by “Made in Finland” Key Flag symbol.


  • Extremely durable, wear-resistant surface
  • Highly machinable
  • Great as impact stopper and sealing
  • Endures cold temperatures
  • Nylon reinforcement provides excellent tensile properties
  • Easy to clean
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