Teknikum® Rubber sheet EPDM black 65, recycled, heat-resistant

Teknikum Rubber sheet White and grey R


Teknikum® Ozone-, weather- and heat-resistant rubber sheets are made from recycled ethylene propylene diene monomer rubbers (EPDM), which possess extremely good heat- and cold-resistance properties. The rubber quality is also resistant to ozone and weather fluctuations, as well as acids and alkaline substances. Hardness: 65±10 ShA. Density: 1,1-1,4.

The EPDM rubber sheets can be used in the construction industry, in agricultural machinery and in noise barriers. The sheets are suited for applications which are exposed to weather and temperature fluctuations. The sheets are used, for example, in the air deflectors in drying plants at sawmills.

The original rubber compound is made by Teknikum and awarded by “Made in Finland” Key Flag symbol.


  • Extremely durable, wear-resistant surface
  • Extremely good heat- and cold-resistance properties
  • Highly machinable
  • Easy to clean
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