Teknikum® Rubber Grate Plates

Teknikum Rubber Grate Plates


Teknikum® Rubber Grate Plates are specially designed for each mill. The open area and size of openings varies depending on the grinding requirements, grinding media and particle size of the product. Rubber grate plates with steel and textile reinforcements are flexible, that helps grate plates to stay clean and open. Open area of the grates is normally designed as large as possible, but it can be varied.

The quality rubber and thickness will be chosen for every purpose differently. Rubber and aperture shape and size must be chosen according to grinding and process parameter.


  • AL – rubber grate plate with steel frame and textile reinforcements
  • ALB  rubber grate plate blind with steel backing or steel frame reinforcement.
  • ALN – rubber grate plate with variable thickness to maximize lifetime of grate plate at most wearing area.


  • Good wear resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Light weight
  • Flexible structure to help grate keep clean and open
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