Teknikum CHEMO TEK


Suction and delivery hose corresponding to high quality standards in chemical industry. The hose is designed for transporting of several chemicals in EPDM hose category. The hose is suitable for moderately corrosive chemicals such as alkalis, ketones, alcohols and acids. The life cycle of the hose depends on the concentration and the temperature of transferred chemicals.

Suitability of chemicals needs to be checked case specifically.

Standard / Compliance

  • Meets the requirements of chemical hose standard EN 12115:2021.
  • ATEX compliance: EC 2014/34/EU, equipment group II / category 2.


  • Suitable for several chemicals
  • Excellent weather and aging resistance
  • High mechanical strength
  • High burst pressure ≥ 6,4 MPa
  • Suitable for many types of couplings
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