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Attila Kerekes appointed as General Manager for T-Plasztik Kft

1.9.2021, Sastamala, Finland – Jászladány, Hungary


Mr. Attila Kerekes will start as the General Manager of T-Plasztik, Teknikum factory in Hungary, on September 1, 2021, when Mr. Gábor Katona will finish his work as General Manager for T-Plasztik.

Mr. Kerekes joined the company in 2019 and has been working as the Head of Operations until now. Prior to joining T-Plasztik, Mr. Kerekes worked 16 years for the global household appliance company Electrolux in different managerial positions.

On behalf of the Teknikum Group, I would like to thank Mr. Katona for these years and for his dedicated work for T-Plasztik and its customers and wish Mr. Kerekes the best of success in his new role.


Jani Hämäläinen

CEO, Teknikum Group Ltd.


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Jani Hämäläinen, jani.hamalainen@teknikum.com, +358 40 847 7587

Attila Kerekes, attila.kerekes@teknikum.com, +36 30 458 4645


Attila Kerekes

General Manager, Hungary

Teknikum Kft


+36 30 458 4645

Jani Hämäläinen


Teknikum Group Ltd