Teknikum® Wireless Smart Hose system

Teknikum Wireless Smart Hose system


Teknikum® Wireless Smart Hose system is a next generation of Teknikum industrial hose wear monitoring applications, enabling off-site monitoring of wear and tear of inner lining of a Smart hose. The system gives the user a valuable warning of the condition of the hose’s lining by alerting that the lifecycle of the hose is coming to an end, and it needs to be soon changed to avoid hose breakage and unplanned production stops.

The Teknikum® Smart Hose system includes IoT Gateway, Wireless Smart Hose Sensor device and customer specific Teknikum GRANIT® or TITAN™ Smart hose built with monitoring cable. The Wireless Smart Hose Sensor sends data to the IoT Gateway, which is connected to a secure cloud-based Teknikum monitoring service.

Depending on the selected Smart Hose construction, the wear and tear may be monitored up to two separate sensor layers or four different measurement sectors. Please inquire possible and suitable hose constructions from our sales.

Teknikum® Wireless Smart Hose system is supplied with instructions and with customer specific abrasive material hose. The sensor devices are reusable after Smart Hose replacement.


  • Increased work and environmental safety
  • More efficient, easy plant management
  • Uninterrupted process flow, no uncontrolled process stops
  • Maintenance cost savings
  • Hoses status is known
  • Automated process monitoring via IoT
  • New hose can be purchased just in time or as planned
  • Teknikum® abrasive hoses are compatible with Wireless Smart Hose system
  • Monitor up to 20-100 hoses with one IoT Gateway
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