This industrial suction hose is designed to move dry wearing soils such as crushed stone or gravel, or industrial materials used in the construction and property maintenance such as cement, insulations, dust or salt. In wet vacuuming the hose is perfect for sludge or slurry transfer, for example during suction dredging or sewer maintenance. 

Additionally, the hose is great for emptying tanks, silos and stockpiles for example in power plants, food industry and process industry. Common nominators in these applications are the need for hose’s high wear resistance and easy handling.  

Teknikum CARBON EXTRA LIGHT™ S Antistatic hose is a vital part of your tanker truck equipment! 

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4 reasons to choose a Teknikum hose


Ease of use
Light, easy to handle, long service life and durability in the toughest of conditions! This hose is made for efficient daily use – no more back or shoulder pain for the workers! 

Besides durability, the antistatic properties of the hose prevents any uncontrolled static electricity discharges during work. 

Sustainably made
Our manufacturing follows strict Nordic and European standards! Teknikum industrial hoses are made in Finland, all the way from special rubber grade recipe and compound to the final product.

Fast delivery!
Available directly from our factory stock as well as from your local Teknikum hose dealers.


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Teknikum Carbon Extra Light S bend5

Teknikum CARBON EXTRA LIGHT™ S Antistatic
for industrial vacuum applications 

Teknikum CARBON EXTRA LIGHT™ S Antistatic is corrugated, light and extremely flexible working hose for industrial applications. Designed specifically for tanker trucks, it is an excellent choice for all industrial pneumatic vacuuming applications. 

Also available with spiral-free cuffs for easy fitting 

++ Safe and durable hose
++ Extremely flexible and low bending radius due to special structure and corrugated surface
++ Light weight and easy handling
++ Excellent resistance to abrasion
++ Antistatic
++ Hose can be cut on-site

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